Let's Get Real

There comes a point in my day where there’s too much going on up in my head for me to do anything. It’s as if I have the emergency break on and I can’t take it off. It’s more than likely that I’ve had this type of difficulty my entire life but business ownership simply amplified it. I’ve been in business with Rebecca’s Dresses for two years now and I finally realized I needed an outlet. Writing has always helped me process things and get through to some clarity so I thought…why wouldn’t this be any different? When I wrote my blog for my IVF journey the overwhelming feedback I received was that it was nice to hear from fellow infertility readers that they weren’t alone in it. My hope with this ‘behind the scenes’ blog is that I can shed light on the emotional struggles of business life and make others in business for themselves feel less alone. So, let’s get real and take a look at Rebecca’s Dresses, ‘Behind the Scenes’ shall we?

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